Is there anyone who had COS from H4 to F1 and then got F1 stamping while on OPT STEM ?

I came to the USA on H4. I wanted to do Masters and had COS from H4 to F1. Now I am a full time employee and on OPT Stem. I still have an year and a half left. I was planning on travelling to India in Jan '2018. Is there anyone who had COS from H4 to F1 and then got F1 stamping while on OPT STEM ? Any answers will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance !

Hi , My wife is in same situation. She had COS from H4 to F1. She is on Stem OPT with one year left.

She has to travel India due to medical emergency. She has scheduled her visa interview in mid of Jan.

Any help will be highly appriciated.

I have read some cases on FB group and other blogs wherein H4->F1 COS->Stamping was successful. Are you guys still going on with the process ? My spouse is in similar situation and plans to get her stamping in Jan’18. We can probably have suggestions/quesns posted here to help each other. TIA !

As posted above, it will be a good idea to know the exact questions that you have, we can probably consult and assist each other.

What are the chances of her visa stamping in such scenario?
Has any one done successful stamping in such scenarios?
What questions can be asked?
What are the list of documents need to carry for visa interview?

Yeah. What’s the fb group name that you have referenced here ?

Search for F1-visa experience on FB. Will also PM you one of the cases I came across.

If your spouse is from a known school and did not violate the tenets of F1 visa, she should be fine. She should be aware of the courses she took, GPA etc. Essentially, the fact that she complied with F1 rules.

hi Optimist24, any update on your case? Was the visa stamping in Jan '18 approved? Any challenges faced?

hi krimish , any update on your case? Was the visa stamping in Jan '18 approved? Any challenges faced?

Hi All,

I just want to share recent successful COS from H4 to F1 visa interview experience of my wife.

She has to travel due to personal emergency to India.

She carrier following documents to embassy.

  1. All I-20s including most recent travel I-20 issued by college

  2. F1 petition

  3. All education documents (Transcripts, Degree Certificates, Past educational documents etc…)

  4. Financial Supporting Docs ( Her w2, salary slips, Spouse W2, bank statements etc…)

  5. OPT card, STEM OPT card

  6. Letter from Employer , Offer letter , Vacation letter etc…

She entered in US on H4 visa and did COS here in US and never travel outside. This was her first travel post COS.

Question asked at Embassy

VO: Asked for travel I-20 , Passport and F1 visa petition.

VO: So you changed status from H4 to F1?

Ans: yes

VO : Why you applied for F1 and not continued your study on H4 Visa.

Ans : On H4 visa, I would not have get opportunity to obtain industrial training However on F1 I can get industrial training through OPT and STEM OPT program.

VO : Who sponsored your study

Ans : Husband

VO : Is your husband is in US? Which company he work for?

Ans : Yes…Answered company details.

VO : Ok your visa is approved how ever due to COS your visa processing will take 5 to 10 days.

Received passport in 6 business days with 5 years of F1 visa stamping.

Thank you very much for coming back and updating us with your experience.

Hi … was your stamping successful ? Was there any problem to get ur f1 stamped while on f1 opt . I am also in a same situation currently I am employed and I have 2 years of opt left still. Can you please please reply and help . It’s a very old post but still could you please reply .