Is there any problem to travel on L1 as of now due to current VIsa situations

Hi All,

Currently I am on L1 visa , working in US from 2 years, My Visa is valid for 1 more year. Next week I am travelling to India for a week due to some personal work. Wanted to know will there be any problem while coming back. Did any one hear any one facing problems during last 1 or 2 weeks due to new VIsa policy changes going on?.Or any one from India denied to enter USA?. Please let me know if you have any information regarding this.

Thank you .

Nothing has changed. Please read the article on the front page of this blog. You can travel.

Thank you Ramanan256 for the answer. I heard few are getting questioned more at the immigration. Is there any news of some one getting denied ?

Can you please share the blog link