Is there any problem entering to US, because my i-20 is deferred?


I attended to school for quarter Winter 2015, so I granted F1 viza on 05 Nov 2014 based on this i20. But i cant enter before 06 Jan 2015. I had urgent problem.

So i deferred my I20 to Spring quarter 2015, school sent to me new i20 based on my request.
I’ m planning to enter US on 25 Mar 2015 before starting of spring quarter.

Is there any problem or matter during to enter to US? I just wondering about F1 viza already granted before new i 20.
Please give me information and instruction how to enter to US.

If you are entering US and going to the same school that you have visa stamping for, it should be fine. No issues. Your visa would have annotation of the Univeristy name on it. You can email the DSO and get confirmation as well. Read this article scenario 3 : Defer Admission - F1 Visa Stamping