Is there any possiblities to extend my J1 visa ?

Hello Everyone,

I came here on exchange visitor programme and my visa category was J1 and today i got my result I droped in one subject,

Now according to J1 if I am not standing acdamecally good then university end my Visa that DS-2019,then I need to leave US within 30 days ,

I filled H1 visa its in pending REF stage , Is there any possiblities to extend my J1 visa ?

or can I get any extention on H1 filling ? as my I-94 has up to 30 sept,

Please help me is there any solutions to extend my Ds 2019 ?

You need to talk to your University Immigration official like DSO and get it clarified. The University will suggest you options to stay back, even if you are out of status. I do know someone in F1 visa, who went out of status due to dropping a class, but requested immigration department to re-instate the status of F1.