Is there any option to change the Firstname in the I797-C Form in order to make it sync with passport?

Hello Sir,

My petition got selected in the lottery and and i have recieved the I-797C form from my employer.

While reviewing the form , i came to name that my name is written ad “DIPAK”. It does not match with the firstname “DIPAKKUMAR” as per my passport.

It seems employer has filled the petition considering first name as “DIPAK”. I have valid supporting documents for both names DIPAKKUMAR and DIPAK.

Will it raise RFE during reviewing my case?

Will it create issue during visa interview?

Do i need to change my passport to add Also knowns AS “DIPAK”? or i can ask to my employer to change first name as per my passport? How much time will it take?

Please help me to get it sorted out.


What do you want your official name to be:

First Name -

Last Name -

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I would like to have my first name as per my passport. i.e: DIPAKKUMAR JOSHI instead of DIPAK JOSHI.

Can some one please help me with the details?

So you want the passport name to be used everywhere. In that case, ask employer what they submitted in I-129 application form.

If they submitted as per passport, then they should follow-up w/ USCIS and ask them to correct it.

If they submitted different from passport, then they can raise SR to see if it can be corrected now. If not, they will have to wait for approval notice to come through and then apply for H-1 amendment to change the name.

Thanks a lot Saurabh.

They have written my first name as Dipak in I-129.

My all documents professional experience certificate as well as educational have firstname as Dipak.

The scenario is only passport has different firstname as DipakKumar because of my school leaving certificate. So I thought it would be good if I change my name in the i29 form to make it sync with my passport to avoid RFE from USCIS because in US every document is based on passport name once I got the h1b visa.

are there any issues in case if the firstname does not match completely with passport?

Can I use following workarounds?

  1. change my first name in the passport like “DIPAK” AKA “DIPAKKUMAR”.
  2. create a legal affidavit mentioning that “DIPAK” and “DIPAKKUMAR” is the same person.
    3)Wait for approval notice or RFE and then apply for firstname change amendment.

Please help.

Can some one help me to get the conclusion?

Option 1: Change the name in the passport so that it is in sync with rest of the documents.

Option 2: Wait for USCIS to approve the petition. After that file an amendment to update the name to match what’s in the passport. I don’t think it can be updated while H-1 is pending, but you can check w/ attorney.

Thanks a lot Saurabh.

Hope that my petition gets approved first without any RFE.!!

Hi Saurabh, How long it will take for I797 amendment as there is an issue with my approved I797 where date of birth is messed they swapped dd/mm. The attorney itself made mistake not the USCIS. Please help