Is there any hope? Going back on H1B

Which sane company in US will apply H1B for a potential hire almost 8 months in advance? In today’s world nations move in and out of recessions in 4 months! Obama administration does not want H1B to become an outsourcing VISA and look at what they have done. The current scheme benefits ONLY outsourcing companies who block all the H1Bs 8 months in advance! At least the body shopping companies hired folks who would work in United States, pay taxes and spend in the local economy.

Ironically every manager I spoke to in US is desperate to hire IT talent but cannot wait for 8 months! Body shopping companies were the source of candidates and now that channel is closed. Killing the whole system instead of fixing the problem has only created further problems.

I am 12 year IT veteran with more than 5 years experience working in Wall Street firms in New York. I have worked in almost every technology Wall Street uses. After moving back to India it has become impossible to go back to US on a H1B.

So what are my options join the outsourcing companies?