is there any anticipated delays in getting H1B Receipt Notice nowadays ...

Hi All,

My case is , Cap Excempt applied thru’ premium processing…

My employer shipped my petition to USCIS by last week of March’17. I don’t know exactly when it is reached to USCIS. But employer told that checks were cleared on March 31, 17.

But my employer claims that still attorney yet to receive the receipt number and receipt notice. Is there any anticipated delay in getting receipt number from USCIS ? anyone else facing this issue …



Hi Anand,

My H1B amendment case has been filed with USCIS on 31st March in PP mode.I have still not received any Receipt Number yet.It seems there are quite a delay.Please let me know if you have received any update.



Hi Anand and Piku ,

Same here . No receipt number yet package was fedex received on 30th March. Will update if I get any response.



Hi V N,

Have you received your receipt Number Yet?

Have you Received your receipt number yet.

Hi Guys,
My case got RFE last week.

Hi Piku

No receipt number yet

Hi Piku
Any updates from your side


Hi VN,

I have not received any receipt number yet.


I received the reciept number .

Congrats!! I am still waiting,Is it considered for PP & which service center it was filed?

It is bit confusing how it is handled. The email received by attorney says that is considered for PP and received date was Mar 30 . But when u check the status it says received on April 24 .

H4 petition case status online says March 30 it received.

It is at Nebraska location


My petition got approved yesterday . Look like they are doing it in expedited mode .Hope you will get it approved soon

Hi Piku,

Do you have an update because i didt get an update too from uscis from april 30th?