Is there a way to avoid hitting max access limit (and acc gets locked) to know next available visa interview date?


I checked few threads from this site, couldn’t find any answer. Hence posting this query. There are two places in the site (online appointment site for visa interview ( ) where we can see next available dates for interview.

  1. When you login online, right after you login (profile already created) on left hand side it will show next available date for interview.

  2. If you have already paid fee for visa, then you can go upto a page where you see the calendar to select a date which list the time slots for selected date. The first one is for biometric, after you choose a time slot and click continue you will be taken to another calendar to select interview date and see what dates are available.

Now, my question is can we rely of option 1 to know available date? As of now there is close 3-4 months of wait period for chennai location. With option 1 i think we don’t hit the max limit of checking the dates. If we try with option 2 then you can check max 18-20 times a day.

If I want a early date and keep checking daily using option 1 (assuming this date and option 2 date are same) then we would not hit max limit issue right?

Appreciate your expertise. Thanks.