Is there a need for visa stamping when employer is changed

Hello Saurabh,

I came to US on H1-B from Emp.A, and, now i have moved to Emp.B. So, i have a new approved i-797 and a i-94 but my visa is still from Emp.A, which is valid till Oct 2014.

I need to go to India for a week, so will i need to get a new visa (for Emp. B), or, is the current visa (from A) and approved petition from B, sufficient when i enter back to US.

If the later option is not possible, i guess it would be safer to get my visa stamped from Canada than India since possibility of rejection is far less.

Please advise.


If your old stamped VISA is valid by the time you return to USA, no need to get the new stamping. you are good to go and come back.

Thank you very much for the clarification.