is there a gap period from the time OPT expires till school starts?

Hi everyone,

I have a question and maybe someone here can help me out. So unfortunately I did not get picked up in the H1B process this year . Now, my OPT extention will end sometime next June (2015), so this means I will have another chance next year in the lottery but I want to start applying for universities to get my masters. My question is, can I apply for the fall semester of 2015 and assuming I get in, can I stay in the US legally even though my OPT expires in June? In other words, if I get my I-20 before my OPT expires, can I stay in the U.S until the classes begin?



Usually, you get 60 Days grace period for doing Change of Status or Transfer to other school. Check Gerogia State University Grace Periods page . If your school starts in August for Fall 2015 and your OPT ends in June, you will be fine. Talk to your DSO at your current school and get it clarified as well.