Is there a deadline to file H1 B visa?


I’m currently in the US, my H1 extension was filed and fell under RFE.

I had plans of getting my spouse on H4 and find an employer to get H4 converted to H1. But now the situation is different and I am not sure if my Visa would be through and how long it would take.

If I get the extension say by April, and my spouse travels by May/June on H4, will I still have option to approach a sponsor to apply for his H1B, or is there a deadline that the petiotion should be filed in April?

Waiting for response!

Petition could be filled till the time quota/cap is available. If this is the 1st H1 for your spose then it would be considered against the cap. Last year the quota was full in July. Prior to that it was full by November. Have a look at the main blog to find the article which talks about planing for H1 starting this april.