Is the H1B Lottery is completed for Year 2016? Or Still need to wait to know?

Hi All,

I Have applied to H1B through a private consultants, from INDIA. Consultant people are still saying that they do not have any clue whether my petition is picked in Lottery process or not. They are saying to wait for some more time. After I googled, I understand that there are people like me, still waiting for status on their petitions.

My concern is that whether the consultant firm, I do not understand whether the consultant is revealing the correct information or not. Whether I can trust this consultants or not…I am confused. :frowning:

Can anybody at this forum can confirm/reply was there any cases really like me, as I understand the lottery process is completed by USCIS for year 2016 on H1B.

Your reply will greatly helps me… please respond.

Lottery is complete in the month of may itself…By the end of this month USCIS will return fee for applications which are not picked in Lottery…

Thank you for your reply and information.
Yeah. I have to whether as I do not have any other option.

Unfortunately at this point if you have not heard anything you almost certainly did not make the lottery.