Is the expired Visa transferable ?


I have expired H1B Visa which is not fully utilized. The visa was issued for 1.5 years and I traveled to US only once for 6 months. I never used the visa further as I switched to other company in India. I got Visa stamped in October 2012 and was in US from Jan 2013 to June 2013. Now my questions are :

1.) Is my Visa is still transferable and can I travel on same Visa ?

2.) If ans to question 1 is yes, what is the procedure for same ?

Thanks in advance.



Yes, you can travel on the same visa. Your new employer has to file for a visa transfer and extension in your case. It will go in exempt category- no lottery required.

Note - Check with your company’s policy. Some companies wont do visa transfers per policy.

Thank you Moorth. Can the visa be transferable within 6 years only from the date of issue or it can be transferred any time after that also ?

Usually it is 6 years from the time you left US. However, there were few recent cases when this was processed even after 10-12 year gap. The new administration may be more stringent and provide less leeway.