is the company genuine - h1b visa sponsorship


I have been contacted by a company Inspirix technologies for sponsoring a H1B . Asking to pay for the same. Is the company genuine ? Would be great if you can help !

Here are some questions you can ask your potential H-1B employer to gauge their genuineness:

  1. I assume both you and your employer know that H-1B fees need to be paid by employer. Still, if yo are paying for the cost then ask them how much will they refund if the petition does’t make through the lottery.

  2. At what stage will they share the H-1B receipt number and approval copy w/ you

  3. Do they have direct clients that can provide client letter. If not, how will they address the situation if USCIS or consulate asks for client letter

  4. These days consulate also asks for employer’s tax returns and list of other employees for small companies. Ask them if they would support it , if such a thing is asked

  5. Ask for references

Thanks a lot Saurabh …
They are askin to pay … But refund is only in the case of not being picked from lottery … Not in the case of rejection … Rest of the details will check with them … Thanks again :slight_smile:

Blueplanet company is a totally fake company
This company will take money and will not disclose any status of H1B petition at all.
and lastly they won’t reply to any of your email , if you call them they will say they don’t know you , who you are?
They will say client is smart source USA and some bonafide INC. all these are completly cheating companies.
They told me that I am picked up in lottery but when asked about the petition number , It’s already more than a year I don’t know the status

You can report this company to USCIS. There is an option of reporting Fraudulent companies on the USCIS site.

Hi Nikhil,

I have been contacted by blue planet (Venkat) should I go with them for H1B filing. Please let me know. Thanks