Is studying in the US of interest to you after 12th, Graduation or Masters?

My question is specifically for those visiting this site from India and other countries looking to come to the US for higher education after class 12th, Graduation or Masters. Applications have many components and then there is visa approval. You must consider Universities that can deeply support you in all aspects of the application including working with you on US Consulate interview WITHOUT having to use agents who charge money for the work. The University where I teach ( has admissions SIX TIMES A YEAR for their BA (International Business) and MBA (Healthcare Administration, Banking, Finance) programs. Please email me directly at to see if we can have you come to the US as early as May 5th 2013. This University has very limited students from India and it will be so wonderful to have you add prestige to our Institution. Languages in which you can talk to the University includes Russian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese and some mainstream Indian languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi.