Is sindoor and bindi accepted in visa picture for married h4 interviewee?

My wife is going for H4 visa interview soon.

Is the photograph with bindi/sindoor accepted for visa for married H4 interviewee? Are lipsticks and eyeliner allowed? I checked online and did not find any information about this.

you dont need a photograph for visa interview. They would take your photograph during finger printing

Is photograph not needed while filling DS160 form?

new rules…no photo needed


  You need a digital photograph for filling DS-160 form. The guidelines are here : [Photo for DS160 on US Dept of State website]( . You do NOT need a photograph for the Visa interview ( I mean, you do not need to carry a photo to consulate, they will take it at the consulate ) 

Coming to your question, It is fine  to wear bindi or sindoor. There are no such restrictions on sindoor or bindi by US Consulate.

I think in New DS160 there is no place to upload photos. Please confirm.
This is AFAIK