Is restamping required if returning from vacation?

I will be appearing for individual H1B interview next week. And tentatively going to US next month.

I will initiate my wife & kid’s H4 visa stamping once my stamping is done.

I am planning to come back home on vacation after a couple of months to get back my wife and kid.

Will I again need to get stamping done on my passport before going the second time with family? Do you see any challenges in this?

Will delaying my first trip cause any problem in immigration at US airport?

I believe you do not need re-stamping as you will be working for same employer, same role and same location. As there is no change in working conditions, no need to get it re-stamped.

There is no problem if you delay your departure after visa stamping. Some of my friends have gone after 3-4 months too.

Why don’t you get H4 stamped for your wife and kid along with your stamping? It is easier that way.

Thanks allendsup23 for quick response.

For some personal reasons I wasn’t able to initiate my wife and kid’s H4.
Is it possible for a group interview(if mine is already stamped), or they have to go on their own?

Once the visa has been stamped in the passport, no further stamping is required until its expiration date.

Your family can attend the interview with you (you cannot add them to your current booked slot unless you schedule another interview date), or they can go separately later.

It is ok to travel to US few months after getting the visa stamped. However, you should always carry recent documents when traveling to US.