Is Pandemic EBT a Public charge

We have received PEBT card (Pandemic EBT) for our son who is on H4 Visa.
This was given to students for school meal as school was closed from March - June due to pandemic.
We are in the state of PA.
Just wanted to confirm if anyone else received such card and does it come under public charge and will it affect GC process in future.

Any inputs will be helpful.

Technically YES.

  1. if its too small amount, you dont want to deal with the future non-sense, write a letter to the school and keep a copy with you.(email to the principal is preferred)

  2. If its large, since you didnt request for it, keep it and if question comes, say that “I didnt request it and I am not sure if its a public charge or not. I can return it.” Since its a student food EBT, it may be not too much issue.

Thank you for the reply.
So the PEBT balance will expire within 1 year, we haven’t used it yet and we still even don’t have I-140 approved.
So basically we should avoid using it?