Is original I797-A mandatory for H4 visa stamping?

Hello everyone,

A couple of months back I switched to a new employer and applied for H1B visa and an H4 as well along with it. The visa got approved a few weeks backs and was sent to the lawyer who sent my I797 to my employer and the H4 I797 directly to me. But the lawyer did not apply the common sense of asking my address before sending out the package after I switched my job to an entirely different location and as a result the H4 approval notice is now lost. Now the attorney is asking around $1200 including USCIS fees for getting the duplicate one which I dont want to pay as its not my fault.

So, the question is, do I need the i797 original for my spouse. I do have a scanned copy of the same provided by the lawyer. I am not sure about other needs, but the main concern is the stamping when I go back to India. If it is not required there, I dont think I need to apply for it.

Let me know your views.