Is ony the receipt number enough to find job in US

Hi Saurabh,

My husband is in US with H1 visa.I have H4 with me currently.
The firm in which I am working currenty in India has filed my H1 .
I have signed a bond of 15 months with my employer for this visa.
Now the problem is my current employer dont have any onsite opputunity
and they are forcing me to take a project in India itsef.

I just saw day before yesterday from the US site that my petition has been approved.
But if I resign now from my current employer they will not give me hardcopy or softcopy of

the petition .I have the receipt number via which I checked in the US site and saw its


Please advice if I need to have the hard copy or soft copy of the petition or the receipt

number is enough to find a job in US.Will the next emloyer accept ony the receipt number.

Please advice.

Also please advice if there is some site from which we can get the details of the
Receipt number ie Employer's name,COmpany's name which fied it etc.

Thanks & Regards


If your petition is approved you can find job in US with just receipt number

only thing is new employer need to file for h1b transfer CAP exempt. and if they got approval you take petition approval copy for visa stamping

I am not sure how you are going to handle Bond of 15 months, based on that only might be your current employer filed H1b and invest amount on your visa