Is new amendment necessary for dependents in india while my amendment in progress?

Hi Friends -

Appreciate your response in advance.

I came to USA on Dec, 2014 and my VISA has expiry-date of Dec, 2016.

Since my passport was about to expire on Dec, 2015, my I-94 was issued with expiry-date of Dec, 2015 (Same as passport expiry-date). I renewed my passport a week back only and now it has expiry-date of Dec, 2025.

My employer is filing an amendment for me as there is change in the project. My dependents who already got H14B VISA stamped along with me in India, are coming to US after 3 months and my new amendment will be processed by then. So,

  1. Will I get new i-94 with new expiry-date as of original petition/amendment expiry-date?

  2. For my dependents, will I have to process amendment BEFORE they come to USA, or is this OK if I process AFTER they come to USA?

  3. If I process AFTER they come to USA, what all documents do I have to give them while traveling to USA? Will there be any issues at port of entry?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Umesh,

#1. You can get your I-94 updated at any Custom and Border Patrol office at the closest international airport. Let them know the initial date was because of passport expiry.

#2. Dependents do not need details of amendment right now. Let them come here first.

#3. Nothing more is required. There will be no problems at port of entry.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,