Is my F1 visa still valid eventhough my H1-B petition denied ?

My H1-B application got denied due to following reasons and I’m currently on F1 status and one more semester to complete my master’s degree.

CPT is not Integral (essential) part of curriculum (8 CFR section 214.2(f)(10)(i))

My university offered me CPT from 1st semester onwards and I took the CPT and worked while studying. USCIS rejected my visa with reason, “The evidence failed to demonstrate that the beneficiary was continuing to maintain his status and he is not eligible for change of status pursuant to 8 CFR section 248.1(b)”.

There is one more reason for denial is about specialty occupation. Due to my Employer didn’t submitted enough evidences while responding the RFE.

I’m planning to appeal the decision by providing some additional evidences .but,I’m worrying about my current status .Please help me with below questions.

1)My F1 visa still valid ? Shall I continue my masters. I checked with SEVP and my SEVIS still active.

2)In case , If I’m out of status, How long I can stay in USA ?

My spouse working on H1-B visa. Shall I convert to H4 (dependent) visa without crossing the border.

3)What is the normal processing time for MTR ?

Thanks a lot in advance .