is mba easier then masters degree ?

I m confused between mba and ms .
I don’t have specific Interest in either of them . I m thinking more from investment and pay package point of view . I m currently perusing B.E. so which course currently has more opportunities ?
Also comment on the current Job prospects in USA for ms.

Ps I live in India and if I choose MBA I ll study in india itself


Well, I think you need read : Should I do MS or MBA after B.Tech article first.

I always look at education as adding value to your grow you professionally matching your personal passion and interests. Money and job is one thing, but what job you like and what is your passion is important. Read these articles as well so that you get a perspective. It is not about easy or hard, it is about what is your career goal.

Goal for MS in USA

MS in US with H1B Lottery .