Is LCA is mandatory to file H1B papers


I got an offer from an US company last week and I have sent all of my documents last week.

But I come to know that LCA is must to file H1B and it will take 1 week to get LCA from a local labour office.

If it is true as my company can apply for LCA only on yesterday(1st april) and chances of getting the approved LCA are by this weekend. In such case will there be any possibility to file my papers during 1st to 5th od April !!!

Please reply

Yes it is mandtory to 95% to get your application getting selected .

LCA  Concepts :

One of the biggest things of concern when you apply for Labor Condition Application ( LCA ) or apply for H1B visa in a particular area is the minimum wage or prevailing wage in that area. It is very important and many H1B visa holders or students willing to get a new H1B visa look for this information.  [b]You have to make sure you are not working below the minimum or prevailing wage in that geographic location for your particular position. [/b]This website for [Office of Foreign Labor Certification](  Here are screenshots of how to look for prevailing wage.