Is it safe to travel to India with one moth left in OPT?

Is it safe to travel to India (Travel Dates Dec1-DEC 26) with one month left before opt end date (OPT expiring on jan 20th) .Can i apply to stem extension while travelling to India?


Apply for STEM extension before leaving to India. Have the extension receipt notice in hand (proof for extension applied), if you get EAD before you leave… well and good, along with employers letter confirming your job .

Hi, I am in a similar situation but I need F1 visa stamping since I changed my status from f2 to f1 and never traveled to India after coming to us. I have valid opt (till jan 2017) and valid job and pay slips. I need to travel to india in Nov. I will get the receipt for my stem opt but ead will take time to arrive. Is it very risky?

thanks in advance!

I think if you can prove that you have a valid job, with letter from employer, pay stubs, manager contact details. You can apply for F1 visa, as the OPT is part of the F1 visa.

It may be tricky at times, if the visa officer claims that F1 is only for studying and you will have to apply through H1B to work in USA. Mostly as your spouse is already in USA, you may not have such issues.

Did u travel?Im in similar situation