Is it safe to travel to india after applying for OPT ?

I am graduating on May 3rd. I sent my OPT documents to USCIS on 19th April and still didn’t receive the receipt or confirmation from USCIS. A person in our international student center told me that i can travel to india if i get that receipt or confirmation from USCIS ( even if my OPT is in processing ). I have a job offer in my hand. Is it safe for me to travel to india on May 5th and return after 15 days ? If So, what are the documents i need to carry with me ? Thanks in advance.

You need to carry the following documents with you:

Most recent I-20 with the DSO signature that is not a year old when you re-enter USA.
Notice of Action (Receipt from USCIS)
Offer Letter from your employer stating the job joining date (I hope it is a full time)

If it from a consultant company, I think you might be scrutinised at POE about the job/ employer.