Is it safe to travel to India a month before OPT end date

My F1-Visa is expiring by July 2013 and OPT end date is similar. I have a need to travel India. Is it safe ? Can I travel to India before Aug 2013 and renew my visa at India.

No,once you leave the country you cannot return back. as both your visa and OPT will be expired in Aug. Your F1 visa cannot be extended after you have graduated.

You will have to leave the country within the grace period after your OPT expires in Aug 2013 unless you have applied for H1b and have cap-gap I-20 in your hand.

If you have applied for H1 this year, it is advisable[b] NOT[/b] to travel even during the cap-gap period too.

Thank you for your comments above.

I was wondering what if the F1 visa on my passport is valid although i graduated and i am on my OPT that expires in January 2014, can i travel to India. Also please note that my company had filed for my H1 a little late and it did not get into the lottery.

OPT - Valid till 2014
F1 Visa - Valid till 2015
H1B - Not processed this year.

Can i travel to India this August. Please advise.

Yes, you may travel and will not have any problem. But you need to carry the following documents with you:

Most recent I-20 with the DSO signature that is not a year old when you re-enter USA.
OPT card
Letter from your employer that you are currently on the job.
Recent pay-stubs to support that you are employed.


Thank you for your quick response. It was very helpful.