Is it recommendable to travel to India on mid march before H1b Filing on April 1st?

I am going to India on March 5th and will be back by march 19th. I will give the details of my current I 94 as a part of the application. When I come back on March 19th, My I-94 will change. But my employer might have already posted the H1 application with old I94 information.

Will this be a problem for H1 as my application has the old I94 number?

Also My OPT started from July 9, 2015 and it is valid till July 8,2016 so i can travel back safely on March 19th if in case my employer does not apply my H1b?

The employer will not submit the application on Mar 19. The petition needs to reach USCIS b/w April 1 and April 7. So they would probably send it in last week of March.

Let your employer know about your travel plans and tell them that you will send them updated I-94# once you reach US.

HI Saurabh, Mine is the same case but my dates are March 14 - March 29 th … Do you think it will be a problem ? What do you suggest. Thanks for the advice.

Even if the cap is reached on Apr 1, USCIS will accept petitions until Apr 7. So talk to your employer and let them know that you will give them copy of I-94 on Mar 29 or 30. They would still have time to dispatch the person after that date and still beat the cap deadline.

Thanks Saurabh. I have one follow up question if you dont mind. Along with I94 and stamps in passport, should i also provide travel i20 to my h1b employer since i am on F1- OPT ?

Not required, but no harm in providing it. You can check w/ them.