Is it possibleto apply/go on H4 when my H1B is under processing?

I am working for company A. My husband is working for Company B. For both us H1B is filed in respective company & it is under process with USCIS. Also, I do not have opportunities available in my current project. I may need to change the project. My Question is, Can I go in dependent Visa (eg., say on leave for 6 months) with my husband when my H1B is under process? Is it possible to get dependent Visa even if i have valid H1B Visa ?


Yes it is possible to go under H4 visa when your H1 is under process. This will not harm your H1. Also it is possible to have both H1 & H4 status at the same time.


Thanks for your reply Ram. Heard that I would require to produce NO OBJECTION letter from my Company if my husband(different Employer) wants to raise H4 for me. Is it?