Is it possible to travel to the US as a dependent and later change of status(COS) to H1B if I have both approved visa?


Need an urgent advice from you regarding COS from H4 to H1b!!!

I have both H1b stamped visa (valid till mid of next yr and never used till now) and H4 visa (valid till mid of this yr and used once to travel to US). We (me and hus) both are working now in India. My hus got an opportunity again to work in US and I wish to accompany him. My current company does not have any projects where my husband is going (Even it could be taking a lot of time for them to send me as well, which I am not sure how long). So basically my question here is:

Is it possible to travel to US with H4 (as a dependent to my hus) after resigning my current job in India, and later find an employer who will be ready for COS(Change of Status) from H4 to H1b.

Is it easy way to find job in the above way? Are there anyone who has gone through this situation and got a job in US).

What will be the best solution for me here. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

PS: One year back, we had dropped our plan to stay in US and came to India since we both are not able to work together there. I did not have H1b then, but now I have and would like to continue doing job.

One word answer: Yes.
Yours is the best and legal plan to go on H4 and finding any employer for your H1B after that. Proceed.