Is it possible to change the company after H1b approved (Before Stamping)

I am working for a Company in India called X.
My client is Y(US based). X had applied H1B for me this year. Unfortunately i have been released from project. Currently on bench.
And there is no other US project X. Meanwhile my H1B Case was approved. They asked me to change the technology that I a not interested.

Now, I have an offer to join to another company, Z.
If I switch my company to Z now(without getting my visa stampped from X), will my receipt number(H1B VISA processing) be cancelled ?

How do I deal with this to keep my h1b as it is and change my employer( By switching my job to Z).
Could you please advice me how to deal with it in a better way ?

Thank you

New employer can transfer your H1 under cap-exempt. You don’t have to worry about cancelling H1 by X. Once Z initiates a transfer and gets it approved, you can travel to US for Z company.

Your h1b is approved so if you want to swith the company you need your h1 petition number handy to transfer your h1b from X to Z.

My personal suggestion is go for stamping with X company and if they provide immediate travel to US then do that as well by agreeing to change the technology. Once you are in US can switch the employer any time and it would be easy than applying from india.

Thanks Karrinav & lionking

Thanks for your information. Discussions are going. Currently there are no onsite requirement in X. So they asked me to wait some time. But I have only receipt number. So planning to switch. (Ok no chances are there right. So no issues). I will wait for some time.

Thanks a lot agin.

I have the same problem! Can you let me know how is your interview with H1-B stamp ?

May I ask if we do the stamp interview, how are you going to promise we will work with the old company?