Is it possible to change Client while responding to RFE?

Hi Friends, I am working in an Indian MNC IT services company.I have got RFE for Client A but from this Client I am not getting Client Letter.My Current Client may give.

Actually till now I did not get any email asking for documents in support of RFE but in portal it is showing.I will get email within few days,I talked to my visa cell.

Now can someone please explain me what should i do to get visa done for Current Client.

I am very worried.Yours suggestion will be very helpful for me.

Thanks a lot…

I think you can make an amendment to your petition stating change of client supporting it with a new client letter. Your lawyer should know of it, check with him.

You will have to weigh your options and see what’s the best for you. One option is to submit a letter stating that client is not providing client letter, but this has high chance of rejection. The other option is to file new LCA for the new location, and then submit the LCA w/ new client letter along w/ another letter explaining the situation. This has better chances of approval but still not 100% surety.

Thanks Saurabh.If you know how to go with second option in a typical indian IT MNC service company then please describe me.

Your attorney has to do #2. The basic steps involve what I mentioned in my previous post.

Thanks a lot Saurabh for your responses.Just now I came to know that instead of client letter,BRM(Business Relationship Manager) letter can be given.This BRM letter is issued by my company not by client.SOW and Contract letter I will be getting.

So can u plz suggest me whether I should go with this for previous client or with #2 option you mentioned above. Where are the high chances of Approval.
Thanks again…

Hi Ashish,
Mine also is the same condition… what did you do to submit the documents… pls reply asap

Hi, you can submit SOW+Contract Letter+BRM Letter(or any other form as applicable to your company)+Organisational Hierarchy Chart.

Two of my friends’ petitions have already been approved recently.I am waiting for mine as mine last date for RFE response was late.