Is it possible to apply for a new H4 Emergency visa if you have an existing 221g pending for the same visa?


I went for my interview at chennai on March 5 and got my visa approved. Later lockdown started and I did not receive any updates so In may I sent an email asking for the updates and then they sent my passport back in June with a 221g form asking me to come back once they reopen services. I walked in to the embassy for my visa but they said due to COVID they have stopped 221g walk ins and I have to wait for an email from them. It’s been more than 2 months and yet no updates from them. I was planning to apply for a new emergency visa . Is that possible to apply for a new visa having an existing 221g for the same type of visa ?

I am also confused about that. To make an emergency appointment, we need to pay a fee and an MRV receipt number is needed to book an appointment.

when i gave the previous application MRV receipt number it was not taken.