Is it Possible for H1 B Transfers in India

Hi Saurabh,
I have my H1 approved in 2011 from company A, I’m currently in India. H1-B is not yet stamped on Passport, but I hold the Approval Notice.
1.) i want to know if i can switch company in india and still maintain my H1 visa. will the other company be legally able to tranfer my visa and get it stamped through them? I dont want to lose my visa because of changing company.
2.) would it be better to get my H1 stamped through current company, travel to US and then change job?


Hi Sid to my knowledge

  1. Approved H1B petition can be transfered to another employer being in india also only employer/attorney have to do paperwork on your behalf in US so you don’t need to be physically present in US.

  2. Yes it is better and try to spend few months and get paystubs that would make ur visa transfer easy in US

Hope this helps