Is it possible for a experienced 28 yr old to resume studies (MS) in US?

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Due to my low academics i.e 58.8% in Mechanical engineering and my financial instability back home , i hesitated continuing my studies abroad ,fearing the expenses that could be accrued for visa rejection each time i put forth …after working my ass off for 5 really hard yrs not withstanding the office politics and the stress …i’m now thinking of turning back and continuing my studies as my parents finances stabilised now …Is it possible for a 28 yr old low academic Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s seek admission into MS in IT ?will they consider my 5 yr experience on SAP PP as a production planning executive as IT experience …although, i know it is irrelevant but is it wierd for seeking admission into any university now at this age of 28 yrs , are there any students of my age who seek admissions now.

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As far as I know,there is no age limit for MS program.Most universities do require some relevant work experience before taking up an MS program.Be clear with the program you plan to take up such as prequisites.With a high GRE score,your chances are up.Do look out for universities with high acceptance rates.

However your plans for settling down in then USA, should not be mentioned as your motivation to take up the course.The intentions must be clear,as an admissions officer can clearly pinpoint them out.Also this could Also be a reason for rejection while at the embassy.

Goodluck with your plans.

To add more, some schools like UWM ( ) has have corporate tie-ups and offer programs with SAP areas. You have better chances with your experience in SAP into these kind of schools. I had many students with over 45 years of age in my MS program. One of my previous classmates was 65 years of age…Age is never a factor in US schools.