Is it okay to move between employers on H1B visa with SHORT employment periods

  • I got selected in 2024 H1B lottery 1st round. My employer did submit the application and my new h1B visa is approved and issued, satrt date of 1st Oct 2023. * Now I am on my new employer’s payroll now.

  • I am in final stages of interview conversations with another employer and I am expecting a Job Offer letter from them. Our concern is:
    Will we face any issue with USCIS for requesting a transfer so fast? I have not even had my new h1B visa stamped. By the time this new employer will submit the H1B transfer it will be 30th Nov. So i will have couple of Paychecks to submit as well.

    • I am simultaneously interviewing with a few other companies as well. In case I get an even better offer can I put in transfer again?

    • will USCIS have issue if I have transferred across multiple employers over a short period of time?

This is not an issue and you can change employer even the next day of joining your first-time H1B sponsoring employer. Normally people wait till they at least have one to two paystubs before transferring.


As fas as it is a bonafide job offer, in line with your education & skills and the sponsoring employer is paying you the wages in your LCA there should be no issues.