Is it ok to visit US on B1/B2 visa while my H1-B is still in process?

Hi Saurabh,

I got B1/B2 visa in March 2013 and i visited US for 3 months (Apr-June 2013), Now i am back in India.

Meanwhile the company i am working with has also filed H1-B petition for me and it got selected in lottery but since then USCIS shows my application under “Initial review” status, My employer told me it will be approved by september/october 2013.

Now, my employer again asks me to visit US for 2 months starting from August on B1/B2 visa.

My question is, i have already visited US for 3 months (Apr-June 2013) on B1/B2 visa and is it ok to travel US on B1/B2 visa again? Will it affect my H1-B petition in anyway? awaiting your reply.


Your visit to us on B1/B2 will not affect H1 processing.

But I think there should be reasonable gap between two us visits on B1/B2 visa

Thanks for the reply. That was my view also. But still wanted to confirm from professional in the field. As my thinking is VISA approval at US embassy is more to do with luck and how good you present your case.

Can you also please put some light on H1-B processing? How much time can it take? April 8,2013 i got notified that my petition is selected in lottery but since then it shows status as “initial review”. When should i expect approval notification?


My knowledge about things in USA is almost zero as I am at Nagpur in India.
However I do not agree with the view that US visa approval has more to do with luck–.
Yes Luck is there but not more than 20 %.
Consulates have their own norms . Common man who does not know that calls it luck

Processing can take 2-6 months under regular processing. If RFE is issued, then it can take longer.

While on B-1/2 you need to ensure not to stay inside US for more than 6 months in rolling 12 month period. You just stayed here for 3 months. So be careful about how long you stay during your next visit.