Is it ok to apply for H1B if compnay's SOW expires in AUG-13

Hi All,

My compnay is asking me to file for H1B in this year,but as per client SOW(Statement Of Work) will expire on AUG-13,Is it ok for now to apply for H1B & wait for Embassy to ask further extention of SOW or better not to apply …As our manger is saying will get SOW extention soon.

Can SOW be changed during petation process…What will happen if compnay will be able to provide SOW extention in APRIL month,when will i get my VISA interview date in (SEP-OCT) or in some other month…will get VISA in this year only

Please guide weather to take risk or not…how many chances are there for VISA rejection if SOW ends in AUG-13…

Please respond asap…Thanks in advance for help/prompt response

It is an option. They can file the petition now w/ the existing documents to make through the cap. In future, if USCIS issues RFE, your employer can submit the extended SOW etc. If you can arrange for another client/project w/ extended SOW, that would be even better.

Thanks saurabh…I am not sure weather we will get the extended SOW in future or not…but what are the chances of rejection if i submit SOW till AUG-14

You meant Aug 2013, correct?

It will depend upon the officer’s discretion. Your attorney can file the case saying that although the SOW is valid till Aug but there is a strong possibility of extension. It is possible, the officer may buy that, or may issue RFE asking for actual SOW extension approval.