Is it legal to get 2 separate companies to file for H1B for same candidate?

I am currently living in India and have 2 job offers from 2 separate companies in USA. Is it legal to ask both of them to file for my H1B visa? Is it possible that USCIS may reject both petitions? Will USCIS dismiss the petitions if it sees 2 different employers trying to sponsor the same candidate? I have heard that this year visas would be filled up in the first week of April itself so having both companies file for me would increase my chances of getting at least 1 H1B approved

multiple employers can file for your h1at the same time. Go ahead and best of luck !

Just wanted to update the readers. Both companies apply for h1b for me. Both got approved.


Your H1 approved in Feb itself? Did you have the option to chose the employer? What will Happen to the other application

Both H1Bs are valid until one employer contacts USCIS and asks for it to be revoked.

Thanks , so we can decide which employer should revoke? Will they refund the fee