Is it good time to do MS after having 4 years of experience in IT?

I am 25 and have about 3+ of IT experience. I am very eager to do my MS in the US in fall 2016 so till that my total experience in IT will be 5 Yeras . Few doubts. Is it

worth the effort and money to take up full time MS now ( with marriage on mind ) ??

How many indians take up such a challenge ?? Thanks for

your time

It depends on how you want to plan your life. Studying something will always benefit you and will not go waste. But be aware of how much it wil cost you. You will have to start over with your job hunt in IT after MS, which may take few weeks…

Now that you have 3+ years of experience, if your company applies H1 for you, that would be the easiest way as nothing changes drastically for you. You may come over and change company, or do a part time MS as you work.

Thanks for your answer and your valuable time.
While working over there in USA ,is it really possible to do part time MS ?How?

Yes, you can do part time MBA or MS by taking few classes online and rest you can attend in the university after work if they are evening classes. This you may consider as one of the options.
As you are just 25, you can even quit your job and take up as a full time student. Give ur best shot at GRE, and aim for a good score. A MS degree might take up to 2 years to complete and settling in a good job a few weeks/months from then on. In my opinion, you cannot afford to get married during this student period of yours (i.e. abt 2.5 yrs), as you wont have a stable income until you find a job after MS.