Is it difficult to get H4 for Husband ????


My Wife Application got Picked in H1 this year(2015).We both are planing to go for visa interview in India .

as i did my masters and with 7 years work experience in India will it be a problem to get H4??

do we need to attend the interview Separately?

what question can i expect in H4 interview ???

Thanks In Advance

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You should not have any problems. They might ask what you plan to do in the US. Be honest, so don’t say β€˜I will stay at home.’ Say β€˜I would like to work if given the right opportunity.’ Hope this helps

hi shankar ,

Thanks for your reply.
do you have any idea about universities which offers online courses .
So that i will apply for F1 and then try for OPT ,so that i can do part time.
Thanks in advance