Is it advisable to initiate and new B1 and travel to USA when New H1B approval is in progress

I’m currently working for Company ABC in India and my new Company XYZ in US has sponsored H1B which is under processing (picked in lottery on April 2016 and now in approval stage ). Now the current Company ABC is initiating a new B1 for me to be there in US for 4 weeks (july 2016) and be back in Aug 1st week.

1.Will applying for a new B1 affect by current H1 approval in any way

2.Will my new B1 be questioned since another visa (h1b) is already in progress

Please advise.

if there is no issue at all in the above case, please let me know on the below

When I assisted my Future Employer in Filing out my H1B Questionnaire during Mar 2016 my US status and SSN status was not filled as I had not been to US before. but now my H1B is picked up in the lottery and If I go to US on B1 during July 2016 and comeback before Aug 2016 I’ll have a SSN and US visited status .So When I go for H1B Stamping During Sep 2016 (assuming my petition is approved by then) my H1B documents with USICS & Consulate will suggest that I don’t have an SSN and not been to US (as this was filed during April) but In reality I would have SSN and US Visited Status as I have travelled on B1 During July . Do you see an issue with this ?

Your thoughts and support is highly appreciated, Please let me know.

  1. No issues

  2. Usually not asked

You won’t have SSN as you cannot apply one on B-1/2. Your petition won’t be impacted by your travel. When you appear for H-1 stamping, you can mention about B-1/2 travel at that time.

Saurabh, thank you very much. it helps a lot