Is it advisable to go for H4 stamping while H4 EAD is still in progress?

hi,I am currently on H1b VISA and my spouse is on H4. We are planning to travel to India in next few weeks, where we will undergo VISa stamping interview. Below is timeline for all my details. 1. Previous H1b and H4 stamped VISA - August 20152. New H1 extn - untill Dec 2017. I have new I-94 attached to bottom approved I-797s for h1b and H4 approval. Last date of entry in USA was in June 2014. So last I-94 on web is showing untill August 2015.3. I-140 approval - August 20164. H4 EAD applied - End of 2016 (still awaiting approval. I have receipt number)5. H1b and H4 stamping dates booked - Last week of Oct 20166. Travel dates to India - Not yet finalized. I am still in USA.

As you can see from above that I am still awaiting for my spouse H4 EAD approval, if i travel now then:1. what will be the impact on H1b and H4 stamping?2. What will be impact on H4 EAD?Would highly appreciate your response based on your knowledge. Any quick response will help be to decide on travel.Thanks again

Any suggestions please. I need to plan my travel very soon. Any advise will be helpful.


  1. You already have H-1 petition approved. So your stampings are not impacted.

  2. As per USCIS FAQ, one can travel outside US while EAD is pending. If USCIS issue RFE, then someone needs to respond to it, or you can take care on you return.