Is it a good idea to pursue masters in MIS without work experience?

I’m from ECE background and in final year right now.
My profile:
New GRE: 302 ( AWA-4)
UG aggregate: 60%
I do not have any experience at all and i’m planning to do my master’s in fall 2014 so I do not have enough time to gain experience either. Would you suggest MIS to me? Will I get a job easily without having any work experience beforehand? Also, financial aid is important for me to get. Please advice.
Thanks in advance!

Typically, for MBA, it is manadatory to have work experience. Having experience helps, but with MIS, you can get away without experience and join the program. I cannot really advise on the schools and where you can get admission.

You need to first decide what you want to study and why you want to study that in America..

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This should give you some idea.  Funding totally depends on various factors and you need to do your Research on how to secure funding.   Getting a job depends on how you search for it and how proactive you are with internship.  If you do well, you should be fine.