Is it a good idea B1-F1-H1B. Pls suggest me

Hello Friends,

Saurabh, I been studying many of your answers from few days I hope you will answer for my question also Please. I recently came to US on B1 visa i completed masters in London I want to go for H1B but I have no time or employer this year so I want to change my status to F1. Is it a good idea to go for B1-F1-H1. please give me some suggestions. Is better to go back to london and apply from there or apply from here to F1. my I94 expires aug,2013. Pls suggest me. Thanx

COS from B-1 is always risky as your intent of entering US on B-1 can be questioned. The chances of questioning the intent are less once your stayed >30-60 days before filing the COS. You need to get approval and admit from the school as well which can take time.

Thank you saurabh… But in 60 days my visa cannot be changed. the processing only takes 3 months. So what do you suggest me? Am I have to go back to london to apply from there?