is is possible to file H1b in Jan 2013

I am working in India with an Indian employer. My employer said that he will file my H1B in Jan 2013 and the receipt will be generated in March 2013. And the visa stamping will be April 3rd week.

Can i trust this?

I Know that 2012 H1B cap has already been reached in june 2012.

And for 2013 H1b filling will be opened in Apr 2013.

H1B Applications will be submitted only starting from April 1st 2013. May be your employer proactively start the process of collecting your details etc, but he can submitt only in april :slight_smile:



If you are cap exempt, then it can be filed in Jan 2013.

if this is your first H1B application then it can be filed on or after April 1st, 2013 only. Depending on whether you file in regular process or premium, decision will come. In premium, you can expect decision in 15 days. In regular, it can take from few weeks to 6 months or more.

Not sure why your employer say stamping in 3rd week of april. Does not make sense. Even if he file in premium on April 1st, it is difficult to go for stamping in 3rd week.