Is I-539 needed to file along with i 765 for EAD?

Hi…In June my i 140 has approved. i have applied for my h1b extension(3yr) and wife’s h4 in July. Now we are applying for 1st EAD.

  1. Does she need to file i-765 and i539 or just file I 765?

  2. After applying for her EAD , can i change employer in next couple of months since I won’t have my h1b extension until January 2018? If i can change job, how would that affect my i 140 and her EAD

Your help is appreciated.

Proof of I-140 approval is needed along with I-765. I-539 is optional document. She will get an EAD end date that matches your visa dates. This division of USCIS does not work with or understand I-539 extension requests and will not use information in that form to set EAD dates.

EAD once issued is not dependent on any employer and is not restrictive. You can change jobs. Impact on I-140 varies and depends on contractor - employer relationship