Is I-134 Required for Visitor Visa Renewal?

Quick context: Applying visitor visa renewal for my mother and she qualifies for interview waiver. She has a dropbox appointment for 5-Apr and getting ready with paperwork.

Is the form I-134 required for renewal in this case?
Do i need to submit bank statements and proof of sponsorship?

I remember filling these forms for her back in 2011 when she applied for B2 visa for the first time. For those who have gone through the B2 visa renewal process in the last two months, could you please confirm if the I-134 and bank statements are required and what other documents were you asked for?

Many thanks in advance!

It is highly recommended to submit all B2 supporting documents including I-134 & bank statement even for renewal.

I’ve been scanning the internet for the last two days for anything that would answer my question. The appointment confirmation email we got from USTravelDocs says the highlighted documents (in screenshot below) are what is required for a B2 visa renewal with an interview waiver. I am unable to find anything conclusive that indicates visa will not be renewed without an I-134.

I totally understand that first time B2 visa applicants who meet a consular officer for face-to-face interview might need to show proof of sponsorship in the form of I-134. However, in case of dropbox, there is no consular officer or interview and none of the instructions mention this form is required.

I am fine with the umbrella insurance approach of being over-prepared (“take whatever you can because you don’t know if they will ask for it”) but getting an I-134 and supporting documents at this point for me is going to be logistically impossible before the appointment date.

Not challenging what you wrote (I infact respect your time to help people here), but could you please point me to where on the USCIS or USTravelDocs or State department’s website does it mention that interview waiver applicants need to submit I-134 for B2 renewal? Based on that, i might have to reschedule my appointment if not having an I-134 is indeed a blocker

Many thanks

PS: For reference, here is the list of documents required at the VAC.

I am not saying it won’t be renewed without I-134. Many people have reported that VAC reps didn’t take some of the documents that they wanted to submit and then they got 221g requesting same documents.
So in my mind it is better to provide documents as if it is your first stamping and this approach will put you on a safer side.

You can ignore I-134 for now if time is constraint and if consulate request via 221g you will get some time to prepare the documents.

Again, the CO may just look at your employment verification letter with annual salary and think I-134/bank statements are not needed at all, it just depends.

The list on ustraveldocs will always be generic and one can follow that but may still get 221g when CO thinks they want more details/information before they can approve the visa.

Understood. Very helpful response. Thank you!

Quick update: I-134 or bank statements were not asked. Mom got her visa approved this morning. Thanks for all the support!

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