Is H1b visa stamping required after transfer to new employer even though previous H1b stamp is valid

I’m Currently on H1B visa. When i was with Employer A i went to India and got stamped and its valid till July 2022. Came back to US in Jan 2020. I have switched to Employer B in July 2020 with H1B transfer and got the approved i-797 which is valid till 2023 July.
Now i’m planning to travel india. Do i need New H1B Visa (Employer B) Stamping for coming back to US or i can still use H1B stamp from Employer A along with Emp B i-797 approval?

Visa is just a travel document and even if it has the employer name on it, it can be used with any employer as far as it is valid at the time of entering in to the US.