Is H1b amendment needed when changing client within 50 miles


I am on H1b with a valid extension for next 2 years, recently i moved to a different client project within 50 miles (same MSA). Since there is a location change, my employer applied for new LCA, but did not apply for H1b amendment. Should a H1b amendment required in my case?

I am also planning for vacation to india in few months, what kind of supporting documents would i need to go through my visa stamping?

Thanks in advance!

H-1 amendment is required if a new LCA is filed. Amendments are required to cover any work sites not included in original LCA and I-129 applications.

Okay, does that apply even if the new work site is within the same MSA?

They go by LCA and I-129 and not MSA. So if LCA changes, H-1 amendment is required. It’s a must these days and your employer should do that.